High-class prostitutes fly to Dubai, Santorini on vacation – Bulldog


High Class Prostitutes Fly To Dubai Santorini On Vacation – BulldogArtiste manager Bulldog says high-class prostitutes are those who don’t stand by the roadside to sell their bodies but whore themselves over to ‘big men’.

According to Bulldog, when we talk about prostitutes in Ghana there are the two types that exist – adding it’s an error to see girls at Circle or Spintex-Kotobabi as the only prostitutes.

Bulldog was speaking on Okay Fm and was asked what he would do if his daughter decided to become a prostitute. He said he would encourage her to become the best prostitute around just as he would encourage her to become the best at whatever job she decides to do.

Bulldog then went ahead to breakdown the type of prostitutes around and said he would encourage his daughter to become a high-class prostitute so she can take trips around the world.

“I would encourage her to be a better prostitute, you see now the profession of prostitution has different levels. There are upgrades. If you go to Accra Circle, we have those that ply their trade there and we have the ones too who are flying around the world to Dubai, Santorini and other parts of the world. I will ask her to be on that level’, he said.

“Because if you want to be the best in what you want to do, you must be at the top. Even if my son comes to me and say he wants to be a thief, I’ll advise him to be the best thief,” he added.

Well, Dubai and Santorini turns out to be the favourite destination for some of our favourite female celebs – who the cap fits…

Source: Peace FM

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