How a young boy broke into someone’s home through the ceiling to steal (Watch Video).

small boy thief
small boy thief

A young boy believed to be in the age of 10 to 11 years has been caught after he successfully gained access into someone’s house to steal but wasn’t able to run away.

In the video below, the child is seen crying and narrating that he only came to steal because he was hungry but from the look of things it was far from that.

Whiles crying he was taken around the house where he demonstrated how he was able to scale the wall and make his way into the house through the ceiling but wasn’t able to go back.

Many who have seen the video are shocked about the intelligence displayed by the young boy in executing such a mission at that age.

While others believed he was doing it out of hunger and poverty, many were of the view that he’s been trained to do that looking at how he was able to break into the house to steal.

Video below;

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