How do you fix security cameras whilst we don’t have streetlights? Ghanaians question government.

Photocollage 20200714 205933548 1024x576Just few minutes ago, the Information Ministry released a statement revealing Government’s decision to install 7000 cameras nationwide to provide security and also deal with traffic defaulters.Img 20200714 Wa00538050160657433128488

We monitored social media response to this news and realized that, many people seem concerned about other pressing issues and thought the initiative a misplaced priority.According to some people, these cameras demand light largely to function effectively but most Ghanaian streets lack streetlights so how is this going to be paired?Img 20200714 Wa00626571726812472312634 Img 20200714 Wa00637363745009488149674

Will the cameras work only during day time and go off at night considering the rate of crime associated with darkness?? Is government planning something better as an alternative?? What is the way forward??

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