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How To Convert Facebook Profile Into Page & Get 5000 Likes




All Facebook accounts have a limit of 5000 friends per Account, This means, you can only add maximum up to 5000 Friends in your Account. If you have reached the limit, then onwards people can’t make you as their friends, but they can still follow you. There are many situations where you want to convert your existing Facebook profile into a Facebook Page. This step by step guide will surely help you in Converting your Facebook Profile into a Facebook Page, You can also later get this page verified.

How to change Facebook Account into Facebook Page

As of now, there is only one method to get the job done and that is by requesting them to do so from their support page. Everything is instant and hardly takes a minute to complete. You are not required to wait for longer periods of days to convert it.

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How to Get 5000 Likes on the New Page?

It’s’s just a piece of cake. Think that you are having a Facebook Account and you convert Facebook Profile into a Facebook Page which has 5000 unique Likes right after the conversion. Cool, isn’t it?

Yes, you heard it absolutely right. So How to get 5000 Likes on my brand new facebook page, well here it goes.

In order to get 5000 likes right after the conversion process, follow these steps:

Go to your Account

Go to the Friend’s tab and see how many friends you have right now. (If it’s 5000 or somewhere around there, you are good to proceed further. If not, read the next step)

Start sending  New requests and accept all incoming Friend Request and make your friends list reach somewhere around 5000.

How to Convert Facebook Account into Page

Step 1: Firstly, Login to your Facebook Account

Step 2: Change the Name of the Account if necessary, Name of the existing account will be the name of the Facebook Page,

Step 3: Go to this page and read all information regarding, Converting your personal account to a Page.

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Step 4: Once you have read everything, Go to this Page (Migration Page)

Step 5: Now click on the Get Started Button, to start the migration process.


Step 6: Now select the category of your Page. and enter the confirmation password.

Now, your Facebook page is ready to use. You can log in to your account anytime by visiting or through App.

How to Get 5000 Likes after the Migration?

Curious to know how to get 5000 Likes on your brand new page? here it goes.

  1. Go to your new page.
  2. Now, click on the Profile to the Page tools section.
  3. Now change the name of your new page if you want or just click Next.
  4. Now, it will ask you to select the friends which you want to like your new page.
  5. Click on All Friends option.

And there you go, All your friends in your account will also be persons who liked your new page as well.

Your current Facebook Account will be untouched, you can use your Facebook as it was.

What Happens to your Account After Migration? F.A.Q

1. What will happen to my Friends on my Account after Migration?
  • All your Friends in your Account will be converted as people who like it. All your friends will be added to People who liked the Facebook Page.
2. How can I access my account again?
  • You can again log in to your account as usual.

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How to Revert the Changes

Yes, it is possible to Revert all changes back and Convert your Account back into Profile. This feature will be only available If you have done this Migration accidentally. You should send details like  ID Proof and D.O.B and Name should match each other. Once you have all your documents ready, you can use this Appeal Form to revert changes back. After Appealing, If your Application is Approved, your Page will be converted back into Profile.

This is everything you need about the conversion and how to revert the settings if you didn’t like it.

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