Hushpuppi Has A Chance, I Will Put Up A Vigorous Defense To Get Him Out” – Lawyer, Pissetzky Says

Pissetzky HushpuppiGal Pissetzky, the lawyer representing Nigerian alleged fraudster, Ramon Abbas popularly called Hushpuppi has made another commentary about Hushpuppi’s case.

Gal has argued that Hushpuppi has a great chance of coming out of these accusations leveled against him clean.

Speaking to Punch, the Chicago lawyer revealed that and his team has developed a carefully-mapped out plan to ensure their client is accurately defended and set free.

Gal intimated that as to whether they are going to consider a plea bargain, it is up for talks between him and Huspuppi.

“There is always a chance, absolutely. That’s why they hired me and that’s why I am going to put up vigorous defense and defend him. I will give him good representation. He has a chance. In the United States of America, you have a jury system.”


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