I guess Ghana is not mad at me at all, I always love Ghana – Cardi B reacts as her song ‘WAP’ tops charts in Ghana

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Cardi B has expressed gladness over how well her recent song ‘WAP’ is performing on Apple Music chart in Ghana.

According to her, this explains the fact that Ghana is not mad at her at all and still love her music even after all the controversy that characterized her visit to Ghana in December of last year.

Cardi B’s song WAp which features Megan Thee Stallion is the fifth most played 100 songs in Ghana on the Apple Music platform.

Her reply was a reaction to a post from a Ghanaian who said Cardi B is doing very well in Ghana and she wrote: I guess Ghana not mad at me nomoooo….I love Ghana always

Interestingly, Cardi B is expressing surprise and could not believe her song could be doing well in Ghana especially with her flopped ‘Meet and Greet’ session with Ghanaian celebrities when she first visited the country.

This ‘Meet and Greet’ brouhaha was met with a social media uproar as Ghanaian celebrities were trolled for moving in droves to meet Cardi B who was not even aware of their presence and was busily chewing her ‘Chinchinga.’

On the back of that Cardi B believes although the taste she left in the mouth of Ghanaians was sour, Ghanaians are still streaming and following her music nonetheless and because of that she ‘loves Ghana always.’

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