I have not met any one who’s as appreciative as Medikal, not even my friends & family I grew up with – Criss Waddle

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AMG CEO, Criss Waddle has heaped praises on his protege Medikal for been a grateful person ever since he got him signed on his record label.

In a Tweet, the rapper and Real Estate business mogul said not even one of his family members or friends he grew up with is as appreciative as Medikal is to him.

He tweeted:

“Till today 29-JuLY-2020 at exactly 2:57pm I can confirm that I still haven’t met anyone that’s as grateful and appreciative as @AmgMedikal not even my family & friends I grew up with “

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We can’t tell what prompted Criss Waddle to come out with this revelation.

However, from what we’ve observed over the years, Medikal has indeed been an obedient child to his ‘father’ Criss Waddle.

In many cases, many young artistes after receiving help from fellow big artistes mostly turn out to become ungrateful. They’ll be humble when low but once they become big and well known, they mostly begin to beef with the very person who once helped them to reach the top.

A vivid example is Kelvynboy. We can’t tell what caused his split from his master Stonebwoy—who nurtured and raised him as a musician into the limelight.

But notwithstanding, it’s such a pity now that Kelvynboy now stands on platforms and insult Stonebwoy and even compares himself to him sometimes.

There are several other instances.

But all these attributes of gratefulness, we haven’t seen with Medikal. It was Criss Waddle who brought him up and introduced him to Ghanaians. He became popular even more than his boss Waddle but he has never on any platform rated himself above him, talk less of trying to split from him on ugly grounds.

This is something worth emulating and we hope it continues.

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