“I just want it on top, just on top of me” – Lil Wayne talks about his favourite s3x position with Nicki Minaj on IG [Video]

“I just want it on top,just on top of me” – Lil Wayne talks about his favourite s3x position with Nicki Minaj on IG [Video]

On Instagram, Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Wayne discussed sex positions.

The longtime collaborators went live on Instagram on Thursday night, and Nicki Minaj put Lil’ Wayne on the spot by asking him his favourite sex position during their conversation.

In a clip making the rounds on Twitter, Nicki Minaj asks Lil Wayne bluntly, “What’s your favourite position?”

Not missing a beat, Wayne replies, “On top, in any part of life — not just the bedroom. Just on top.”

Nicki says, “I keep forgetting he’s so fucking smart and then it’s always a double entendre.”

Lil Wayne continues, “I can explain. When you on top — now, I don’t want to mess you up Nicki. Listen, when you’re on top, you just lay her down and go, ‘Stop moving, stop moving, stop all that humpin’ back.”

Nicki then jumps in, “Let me say this first Wayne and you tell me how you feel like a guy. If the girl’s legs can’t go all the way up like that so the n-gga can suck your toes while he’s on top, then you ain’t doing it right.

Wayne replies: “I’m not into that. I like the woman to lay down and just look up at me, just to see the power she has over me in such a moment.

“So a woman could be like, ‘So damn I’m just laying here, I ain’t humping back, I ain’t doing nothing and you feeling like this? I’m a powerful muthafucka.’ I just like a woman to know the power she has, possesses.”

Check out the video below:


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