I moved from a street to corporate – Criss Waddle

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Rapper Criss Waddle has taken to Instagram to reveal that he has moved from ‘street’ to corporate.

Indeed, from whence Ghanaians got to know about the AMG CEO, we knew him to be someone who lives a flashy lifestyle, he blows money on expensive stuffs, among other things that ‘big boys’ are noted for.

But for the past couple of years, he has toned down.

He no more flaunts his wealth as he used to. Previously, he’s always spotted with expensive chains and watches but that has changed too.

His photos and videos see him appearing simple, and on some occasions in corporate wears.

Waddle is now telling us that those days of street life is over and that now, he has gone fully corporate.

The father of one is not even doing much of music now, he has disclosed that ‘Real Estate’, his new-found love gives him more and more money than anyone would expect.Criss Waddle Corporate1

What is Criss Waddle’s source of money?

Over the years, questions have been raised on the rapper’s source of money. Rumours have it that he’s into fraud. Many also have said that he’s a gay who sleeps with White men for money.

But addressing these allegations in a tweet, Criss Waddle who is the Chief Executive of the Group said it’s time Ghanaians put a stop to the misconception.

According to him, the AMG Business Group is not involved in any dubious activity like people link them to.

Criss Waddle indicated that AMG is a group that makes a number of gains by putting on the Creative Arts.

His tweet read “Arguably people have their own perception about AMG BUSINESS but the Sole purpose for amg business was and is still none but Entertainment and putting creative arts ON”.

More so, the uncountable accusations of being a fraudster (scammer) that have been thrown at the doorsteps of the AMG Business boss, Criss Waddle, by the likes of Shatta Wale and Showboy, forced him to speak on his source of income.

In an interview with B Ice on Kumasi based Agyenkwa FM, the ‘Forget Obiaa’ musician stated that contrary to the claims of many people that his wealth is from scamming innocent people, he is actually into real estate.

Criss Waddle revealed on the entertainment show that the amount of money one can get if he or she decides to invest in real estate is unbelievable. He dared everyone out there who has a lot of money to just invest in building houses and give it out for rent and see if he is telling lies.

He again went on to assure such people that they will get a lot of profit and certainly would come and thank him for the advice.

The AMG business boss also revealed that contrary to the perception of many people that he had it very easy growing up, there were times he had to sleep outside in someone’s dilapidated shop.

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