“I saw Rawlings driving a black car” Emefa from Volta Region speaks again

Photogrid Plus 1605809584947Today Thursday 19th November 2020 is exactly one week after the passing away of former president, Jerry John Rawlings.

If you recall, on the day of his death, a lady came out to reveal that she’s from the Volta Region and that from what she could see in the spirit realm, the former president is not dead but sleeping.

The lady as seen in a viral video was seen crying at the Ridge residence of Rawlings, pleading to be allowed into the house so that she can do some rituals to bring him back.

She said that she should be allowed to see his remains, and she can bring him back to life before 12AM.

Well, a new video has dropped capturing the same lady. In the video, she could be seen crying as she explained herself on how she saw Rawlings, her late mother, and late former president Attah Mills.

She claims she saw Rawlings driving a black car. Emefa also claims Rawlings and Attah Mills has been visiting her for so long in her dreams even when he was alive.

She stated that because of how well acquainted they became, she addresses Rawlings as her father so his death has really broken her heart.

Emefa who said she’s from Akatsi (a town in the Volta Region) revealed that the death of Rawlings will leave a great gap in the leadership of Ghana. A lot of things would go wrong because his purpose on earth wasn’t fully accomplish.

As it stands, the words of Emefa cannot be proven. There are rumours that she has a mental problem.

Watch the video below:

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