I wasn’t dead but on a plane with a ‘big man’ to Dubai – Musician Queen Haizel tells her story

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Ghanaians were thrown into utter shock when they heard the voice of Queen Haizel, the musician who was reported dead after a car accident back in June of this year, on the radio today.

Her death was confirmed by her management and her brother which gave credence to the fact that she had passed away. Well, she wasn’t dead after all.

According to reports, she showed up at her home after two months after the world had heard of the news of her sudden demise with a story of her whereabouts.

She revealed that while her family was wailing about their loss, she was on board what is believed to be a private jet to Dubai, with a ‘big man’ who had sponsored her trip.

She claimed the man made it impossible for her to inform her family of the travel which was intended to improve her brand in the music industry.

“A big man I trust and saw as a father figure sponsored my trip to Dubai. On Thursday he brought my document after he took my particulars earlier. I wanted to tell my people but he refused, insisting it is just a three-day holiday,” she said on Zylofon FM.

Her trip to Dubai took an unexpected turn which landed them in Bridgetown, Barbados, as a result of the coronavirus-led border closure.

Upon arrival, the supposed big man sent her to a private apartment and assigned help and assistant who would be solely responsible for her upkeep while the man travelled to America for further documentation.

Her woes started when after weeks of the man’s departure, nothing was heard of him, except for some calls he made to his personal assistant. The fright and frustration forced her to befriend her house help called Zephia who revealed the consequence of her stay in the ‘big man’s house.

Zephia revealed the daily dose of water she was forced to take was laced with a drug that looks like camphor to reduce her sexual libido. Queen also said Zephia confided and told her the personal assistant is fond of blowjob, and that is the only condition he can willingly give out information.

Queen acted on the life-changing information and cultivated a plan on how to sexually satisfy the assistant to gather maximum information. It was through her dealings that she successfully escaped and boarded a bus from Barbados to Jamaica and subsequently to Ghana.

Source: Celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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