I will be shocked to see any politician make it to Heaven – Kumawood actor

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Kumawood actor Oboy Siki says his mouth will be left wide open in bewilderment if he should see any politician make it to Heaven…he will be disappointed in God.

He said this based on a personal conviction that politicians do steal and siphon state resources for their selfish interest and leave the public to their fate.

Oboy Siki said although everyone sins, the sins of the politician is more grievous and disqualifies him or her from making it to Heaven.

“If I see a politician in heaven, I will be disappointed in God. In politics, the young insults the old, and the old insults their counterparts. They also steal money that the Bible is against,” he said.

He said his disappointment will be heightened especially because these politicians indulge in human sacrifices in order to boost their chances of winning elections.

Therefore, he added that it will be so lenient of God to allow a person who steals and deprive others of their rightful rights the chance to enter into Heaven.

“They kill people. We got to a point where we saw human head on the street of Ghana. When a Politician goes to the juju man and he asks for human blood, there is no way he/ she will say no, they will give the go-ahead. So If I meet even one politician in heaven, I will be disappointed,” he concluded.

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