I would have gone to the University to study Gynecology if Free SHS existed in 1996 – Van Vicker Endorses Free SHS.

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Ghanaian actor Joseph Van Vicker, stated that he would have had his university education back in 1996 if Akufo-Addo’s Free SHS policy existed by then.

Ahead of the election, the actor took to Instagram to pen down his admiration for the Policy which allows students at the secondary level to have their education without payment of fees.

Making it clear that it isn’t a political statement, he wrote “the free SHS has enabled hundreds of thousands of Ghanaian youths to further their education, it is not a perfect system yet but for the fact that a student dropouts or JHS students can continue their secondary education FREE Is incredible”

Citing himself as an example, he revealed his dream was to be a gynecologist but that couldn’t happen because his SHS fees took all her mothers savings which prevented him from going to the university.

I would have enrolled at the university back in 1996 IF THE FREE SHS PROGRAM EXISTED. Unfortunately, it didn’t. My secondary education expenses depleted mama’s savings so l kiss my dream of being a gynecologist goodbye” the film maker added

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