I’ll end Fameye’s life in 2 weeks with Antoa – Ogidi Brown vows

Fameye’s former manager, Ogidi Brown has vowed to end his life with Antoa for his ungratefulness.

[Antoa Nyamaa is a popular river god deity with its shrine located at Antoa in the Ashanti Region in Ghana. It’s believe that the deity has the potency of killing people who are found guilty of a crime.]

Speaking in a live video, Ogidi Brown said Fameye owes him $50,000 and has refused to pay him.

Ogidi Brown said Fameye do comes to his house with elders to plead with him that they’ll pay the money.

But after so many months now, Fameye hasn’t paid the money only for him to now organise a concert.

The OGB Music CEO said he’s hurt because he feels used.

“How can you not pay my money yet you have money to organise a concert?”,  he quizzed

“Fameye I am giving you two weeks, I am giving you two weeks, it is traditionalist, that will solve our issues for us. $50,000 is nothing to me but trying to cheat me is painful and I’ll send you to Antoa and curse you. I swear to God. Today, you are playing concerts after I invested in you.”, he further said.

“If i curse you and you die and Ghanaians refuse to listen to my music, I don’t care”, Ogidi Brown said.

Watch the video below:

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