Introducing Surfline’s Pay Weekly bundle; everything you need to know

Surfline,Surfline BUNDLE,Surfline Data Bundles,Introducing Surfline’s Pay Weekly bundle; everything you need to know

Let’s face it, things “make tight”, but staying connected with family and friends is a must. Surfline understands that you rely on daily revenue to make a living and that is why they have introduced the Pay Weekly data bundles made purposely to suit your pocket no matter your income bracket. Lose yourself in video chat with friends and family, watch your favorite TV show or just stream your favorite team play. Whatever you choose to do on Surfline’s stable and super-fast network, their all new Pay Weekly bundle got you covered. With this, you don’t have to worry if you can’t commit to outright payment for their monthly AlwaysOn or All Weather bundles which never expire.

How it works

First things first! This bundle gives you the option to lock-in a monthly bundle and pay weekly for a weekly data quota. Don’t you worry, we’ll explain. For example, you can opt-in to a PayWeekly plan, lock-in a 36GB bundle for the month but you don’t have to pay the full cost at the time of purchasing this bundle. You will pay GHc40 per week and be allocated a weekly bundle of 9GB. Once you make this weekly payment of GHc40, you will enjoy 36GB at the end of the month. Thus, 9GB each week of the month.

Good news is, you don’t get to lose your unused weekly data quota. They’ll roll-over your unused data and it does not expire too. You cannot, however, gift this bundle or share with other users.

How to get this offer

To get on this offer and enjoy the flexibility that comes with it, you will have to opt in by dialing *718*77# on all networks, visit any Surfline shop and request activation or purchase from their Selfcare platform without any hassle.

Below are the various Weekly bundles and total monthly bundle you stand to enjoy.

Weekly Quota (GB)USSD DisplayEffective Monthly Data (GB)Mandatory Weekly payment(GHc)Validity
87.50350GB @ GHc100/weekly3501007 days
46.25185GB @ GHc90/weekly185907 days
31.25125GB @ GHc80/weekly125807 days
17.0068GB @ GHc70/weekly68707 days
13.5054GB @ GHc60/weekly54607 days
11.2545GB @ GHc50/weekly45507 days
9.0036GB @ GHc40/weekly36407 days
7.5030GB @ GHc30/weekly30307 days

You may visit to read more on the Terms and Conditions for this amazing offer specially made for you.

So why worry if you can’t pay outright for your monthly data bundle? On Surfline, you can still connect to the rest of the world, even if you are on tight budget, with their Pay Weekly bundles.

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