Is it by force to chop her whenever she visits? Can’t y’all just watch movies and eat popcorn? – Lady asks guys

No matter how funny this may sound, this lady clearly has a point because she does not understand why when a guy says to a lady “come visit me at home” it means something else.

Lol! Why do you guys not just watch movies and chew popcorns when you invite the lady to your house or your room?

Does it need to always result in both of you getting intimate? Sometimes, this poor lady will resist but the horniness of the guy will override all the pleas until the damage is done.

OMG! Hahahahaha! Why should it be so? Rukky, a concerned lady is asking the guys who do that.

Why don’t you move away from trying to chop or “chopping” her whenever she visits and settling on Netflix and chill (in the true sense of the word)?

Rukky believes they are plenty of fun stuffs a guy who has invited a lady over can engage in which will not only provide both with a great experience but will also serve as long-lasting memory.

Rukky is seeking answers. She is asking why guys just are not ready to sit in a room with a lady alone without making advances.

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