Is it not stupidity for a pastor to be praying with a physical sword in Church? – Kofi Asamoah jabs Arch-Bishop Ducan Williams

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Ghanaian minister of God, Nicholas Duncan-Williams who’s the General Overseer of the Action Chapel International ministry posted a video on his Instagram handle.

And in the video, he was seen holding a physical sword as he led his congregants in prayer.

According to how the sword was been used, it depicts the ‘Sword of the Lord’ and as Archbishop moves on the podium and waves it, it’s believed that the sword is fighting all the spiritual battles of the congregants.

Well, this act of Faith has angered movie producer, Kofi Asamoah. In a sharp rebuttal via Instagram, Kofi Asamoah implied that Archibishop Duncan William’s usage of the sword is stupidity.

He argued that if this was done by a Twi speaking Pastor, Ghanaian would have criticized him but because Duncan Williams speaks big English, Ghanaians pretend to see nothing wrong with it.

He wrote:

“If this was a Twi Pastor wearing a big gold chain holding a sword to chop down the devil, the whole ghana would break loose while calling the congregation illiterates. But here we are… wise men in an educated church scattering a spiritual enemy with a physical sword. Or this one is not stupidity because the man of God is speaking english huh? Hypocrites!

Kofi Asamoah

Watch the video below:

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