Is this the guy You want to vote for? Kwadwo Sheldon Quiz Followers of John Dumelo

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Kwadwo Sheldon doesn’t think Actor / politician John Dumelo is good enough to be voted into power after his latest utterances during a campaign program.

The actor is the Parliamentary candidate for NDC, representing them from the Ayawaso West Wougon Constituency in a fierce battle with incumbent MP Lydia Alhasan.

In a video, the actor could be heard loud saying in Twi “you have to be vigilant because they want to rig the election(Referring to the opposition party and the electoral commission) but if they did so and we catch them, we will beat them.”

It’s fair to say as a young and intelligent person people admire a lot , there is no need preaching violence in a campaign considering how there have been party clashes recently and Kwadwo Sheldon doesn’t think Dumelo is good enough to be voted into power thereby quizzing his followers if this is the kind of leader they want “ is this the guy you want to vote for?

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