Joe Mettle’s wife allegedly pregnant

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Joe Mettle’s wife is being alleged to be pregnant already by some insiders.

Joe Mettle’s wife according to information shared on Instagram by Blogger Aba The Great is allegedly pregnant. The information alleged that the marriage was forced because of threats.

Giving birth to kids is one of the reasons they got married but if she is allegedly pregnant over a month, then Joe Mettle who is a well respected Christian committed fornication prior to his settling down.

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Read the full post as alleged by the Blogger below:

“The wedding was coded, this is not Joe’s choice. It was forced. Everything was arranged by Koomsom the manager. Joe had vibrantly refused to marry her. But he was threatened by the elders. That’s why everything was done in hurry. 2 weeks. It is also alleged that she also have kids but the guy was not told before.

The pic confirms the alleged pregnancy.”

Definitely, the belly would pop up if she is indeed pregnant.

See the screenshot below:

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