Judge orders Criss Waddle to appear before him in court

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AMG Business CEO Criss Waddle has been ordered to appear before a court to answer a few questions.

Criss Waddle has been ordered to appear before the court of law. One of his parody social media handles controlled by potential scammers has been rumouredly used to dupe someone of his hard-earned money.

Sharing the news on his social media handle, Criss Waddle wrote:

“I can’t believe that I’ve been subpoenaed to court to answer to a judge over something that has nothing to do with me,If my page is verified and a none verified page does something,why should I be the one to be subpoenaed?”

We hope he is able to prove his innocence beyond reasonable doubt when he makes his first appearance.

Why would someone get subpoenaed?

Criminal attorneys, for example, often use subpoenas to obtain “witness” or lay opinion testimony from a third party that may lead to someone’s guilt or innocence at trial. Similarly, civil attorneys often subpoena individuals to obtain information that may help settle someone’s claim.

See the screenshot below:

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Source: Celebritiesbuzz

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