Just Because You Sin Differently Doesn’t Make You Better Than Me – Moesha Buduong To Critics

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Ghanaian curvaceous actress and social media influencer, Moesha Buduong has dished out a piece of advice to her fans on how to deal with certain people who come into their lives.

Taking to her Instagram page, Moesha decided to talk about her life and also use the opportunity to advise her friends and fans on some things she experienced.

“A lot happens in life and you need to understand that ‘not everyone that is in your life wishes you well.’ There’s several lessons that one learns as we go through this journey called life. We all have our different paths we follow, different experiences come together to mould us into what it is we become, in all these, you have a choice to decide how each and every lesson, experience, difficulty, heartbreak, etc affects you,” she wrote.

Moesha also spoke about losing some friends and how she has changed over the years and transformed into a new woman.

“You see, the woman I am today is not the same woman I was yesterday. All this has taught me one thing: That we grow. You may not see this growth, but trust me it is happening. In this short life I have lived so far, lost those I once called “friend” and those I once thought I would never lose. But that is all part of the growth process. The things you sometimes hear your so-called friends say about you is sometimes more than enough to break your heart, to get you into depression, to make you feel terrible,” she added.

“My darling, I am here today to let you know that the pain you feel today will not matter tomorrow. Forgive, smile, believe, love and above all pray. You will meet people that will cheer you on as well as those who will do anything possible to tear you down …they are those that will defend you without having to meet you and there are those that will do anything possible to make you look bad .But that my dear is okay ,it’s the circle of life,” the actress wrote.

She however pointed out the imperfection of humanity and challenged her followers to not “allow anyone to put you in a box with their pointing fingers” but rather “show the world what the world needs to see and keep to yourself what you want to keep private .There is no Person that is perfect ,and just because you sin differently from me does not make you better than me.” she finally concluded.

Read her full write-up below

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