Kalybos, David Osei and other Maa Lydia’s Campaign squad Spotted Chilling in Dubai with their NPP money.

A couple of weeks ago, Kalybos, Prince David Osei, Bismark the Joke and some other actors stormed the Ayawaso West Constituency to campaign for NPP and Lydia Alhassan for re-election into parliament.

Their action sparked social media war among Ghanaians who were divided on whether it was a good action considering their colleague actor John Dumelo was running for same position on the ticket of NDC in the constituency.

They were unfazed by the criticisms they received and sticked to their initial initial plan. The election is over and their impact has been felt, leading to a victory for their supported candidate Maa Lydia who secured re-election into parliament.

Two weeks now after the election, they were spotted again together, this time not in Dumelo’s zone but in Dubai chilling with the money they probably got from their campaign efforts.

Watch video of them in Dubai below.

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