Kasoa: Woman arrested for stealing engagement and wedding clothes meant for marriage [Video]

A woman perceived to be in her 40s was arrested today for stealing engagement and wedding clothes at Kasoa Downtown in the Central Region.

She was arrested by the Kasoa New Market Police after she reportedly went into the vicinity and stole the items from five different houses.

Elizabeth Akoto, one of the victims whose engagement clothes were stolen had the following to say to the media:

“The engagement clothes belongs to my later mother; my father had locked them in his room

“My father had locked and hidden the key somewhere, so I asked the suspect how she managed to open the door. She only said she took it from where he had hidden.”

Elizabeth added that they are in schock as no one seem to have ever seen the suspect in the area, and no one knows her in the vicinity.

“When we saw her, we forced to check what is in the sack she was carrying. We found our clothes, laptop and charger, and about 20 different keys.

The suspect before taken to the police station, however, denied taking anything from the house.

Check Out Audio Below:

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