Kenyan business woman says she struggled to manage her business after covid-19 struck the economy


Juliet had been having a small shop business outside Nairobi which was just doing well until covid-19 struck the economy. She said doing the business was really a hard task as their were no customers at this particular time since hour meant for operating the business were limited due to the restrictions. “When covi-19 came, I didn’t know what to do, and that cause me a lot of panic and stress,” said Juliet the owner of the mini-shop outside Nairobi. “I was struggling to keep my business running, and almost closed it down due to financial constrains,” she told our source. 

She had been making some good cash when things had been okay without the pandemic as she narrated. In a day she would make a range of ksh 1500 from her business but at this particular time she only made ksh 500 or at times below due to scarcity of people to buy things from her shop. She added that the covid-19 situation had blocked everything and there was no flow of money in the economy hence a lot of businesses were highly affected including his business. Despite her efforts to ensure her business still survived the hard times brought by the pandemic, still she did not make it with all her efforts. 

A lot of people doing a similar business like she did had shut down their premised since there was no need to run a business that was always bringing losses each particular moment yet they had been paying high business taxes and permits for their effective business running. She never lost hope that first but each day she kept on trying to ensure her business was a success. After sometimes of trial, she was told about this herbalist and a traditional doctor by the name Dr Mugwenu who had been offering people successful business spells that help their struggling businesses succeed. She met Dr Mugwenu at his offices ready for the business spells. She was offered the spells and later Dr Mugwenu assured her that he would not share her testimonial to news websites and feeds. Juliet said her business was now yielding some god profit and she never felt the impact of covid-19 as she would still make it and get her desirable profit each particular day. She now concentrated on her business and abandoned her earlier of shutting down her business.

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