King Promise: The history behind the singer’s choice of name

King Promise is one of the contemporary singers of this generation who is known and liked largely because of his voice and the hooks he drops on every track.

After making his breakthrough in 2016 with a collaboration with Fuse ODG on the ‘Thank You’ song, King Promise has had a steady rise in his musical career with the release of huge bangers and vintage features.

2016 Photo Of King Promise

Well, many may wonder why he is known as King Promise and no other name. In fact, his name resonates with his current hairstyle which has been trademarked and used to refer to anyone who chooses that kind of facial look.

The 24-year-old Afro-pop and highlife singer and songwriter has Gregory Bortey Promise Newman as his official name but as music will have it, he had to go for a name that will not only sound great but also reflect who is.

In doing so, he decided to pick the ‘Promise’ in his name but realized that using that alone does not sound quite great since there are other people around called ‘Promise.’

2018 Photo Of King Promise

To differentiate himself from other people who may have the same name, the ‘Tokyo’ hitmaker said he decides to add ‘King’ to it not necessary to change the identity but also to send a message to all that he is a king as far as music is concerned.

Fast forward, the artiste settled on the name ‘King Promise’ and since 2016, his relevance in and out of Ghana and the timeless nature of his songs have made him a household name.

King Promise’s biggest hit was ‘Double Trouble’ which featured Sarkodie and Vision DJ which was immediately followed by ‘Oh Yeah’ and since then he has gone on to work with the likes of Wizkid, Pappy Kojo, J-Town, R2bees, Kojo Antwi amongst others.

King Promise 2020

After his university education, he was signed onto the Legacy Life Entertainment record label and he has since gone ahead to win several awards and acknowledgements in and out of Ghana.

He has the ‘As Promised’ album to his name and has a good number of hit songs including the recent one titled ‘Sisa.’


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