Lady forced to remove her nose ring and piercings after she risked being dismissed by University

A lady who was on the verge of being dismissed by her university for having a nose ring and other piercings has done the needful by removing them.

Omotanwa is a Nigerian lady who had nose rings and piercings on. In fact, she is your contemporary lady who does not see anything wrong with having those adornments on.

However, when the University of Illorin asked her to take the nose ring and piercings off or be dismissed, Omotanwa realized that her world was coming to an end.

“How am I going to fit into the norm?” she asked herself countless times.

Well, today, Omotanwa has shared photos of herself on Twitter where she has announced that she has let go of all the piercings including the nose ring as the University demands.

With tears in her eyes, she still had to do it.

Is there anything wrong with have piercings? Should a University tell a student to remove her nose ring?

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