“Learn to be nice to people that visit your clubs because it’s their money that pays you” Jay Foley to Bouncers

Media personality, Jay Foley has sent a piece of message to all pubs and club owners.

In recent times, it has become a norm that bouncers maltreat people who pay visit to the various clubs where they are serving as security.

Mostly once they look at your appearance and you don’t look rich enough, they’ll sack you to leave their premises.

Jay Foley in a Facebook post says this must stop.

He wrote: “My message to all pubs and club owners.
Always treat the customers nicely. Do not bounce unnecessarily because today you feel you have the attention and everyone is coming to your joint.

Those bouncers who’s jobs are from 8pm to 3am. Learn to be nice to the people coming to your pub.

It’s their monies that pay you. Now you are at the gate, tomorrow you be seeking a job interview at their offices. So make friends not be tigers and lions at the gates.

Do not sell at unreasonable prices because you are the “ish” today. For a couple of years ago, there was CELEBRATIONS NIGHT CLUB, BOOMERANG, APHRODISIAC etc… Today it might be your joint, but tomorrow YOU’RE GONE.
PS. Happy Holidays.

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