Lydia Alhasan dares John Dumelo to provide list of students he claim he distributed laptops to.

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The race to represent the Ayawaso west Wuogon Constituency in Parliament got more intense after incumbent MP Lydia Alhassan dares her opponent John Dumelo, to provide names of the 500 students he claims he has distributed laptops to.

This comes after a face to face debate clash organized by 3Fm on 27th November, where the MP pointed out some of her achievements during her two years representation of the constituency in Parliament.

She now challenged her opponent to prove to viewers that he indeed distributed laptops among 500 students in the constituency after Dumelo revealed how he helped constituents with Distribution of laptops.

“I can confirm he gave less than 20 laptops so if he is talking about laptops, he should give us a list the 500 people he distributed those laptops to” she said.

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