Man catches wife cheating with another man

Cheating Wife Caught 1024x667A man caught his wife cheating with another man right in their matrimonial home. What would have been expected from the man is a display of madness and anger but rather he took the situation very calmly.

He recorded a video of his cheating wife and asked for a divorce.

It appears that’s not the first time the woman is doing such a thing and the man can’t simply take it again.

He even apologized for disturbing them but you can hear the hurt in his voice.

“That’s my wife right there. I want a divorce okay? Will you give me a divorce please? I don’t wanna deal with this anymore. Here’s the key I’m done. I’m done with you. I love my daughter and that’s the only thing that’s important to me. Sorry to disturb you. Have a nice day”, the man said.

Watch the video below:

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