Man invents shoes that enlarges in size every year to fit the legs of its wearers

The Shoe That Grows

A very gifted man has taken the needs of children into consideration by inventing a pair of shoes that enlarges in size on a yearly basis to fit the size of its wearers’ legs.

Kenton Lee came up with this idea to support parents who have to buy shoes for their children on a yearly basis because their legs increase in size.

Guy With Shoe

According to the motivation behind this invention, Lee says he made this shoe purposely for children who do not have shoes and cannot buy a new one on a yearly basis.

‘The Shoe That Grows’ will grow 5 sizes bigger and will also last at least 5 years. An incredible invention for children living in poverty, this footwear is the perfect alternative to ill-fitting shoes or going barefoot.

Lee hopes his invention will help all the children throughout the world who don’t have shoes.

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