Man murders his 60-year-old aunt over alleged witchcraft

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A 23-year-old man, Dansu Asogba, has been arrested for allegedly hacking his 60-year-old aunt to death in Ipokia area of Ogun State, on allegation of witchcraft.

It is reported that the suspect had on August 22, 2020, paid the deceased identified as Iyabo Dansu, a visit , to avenge the death of his first child and wife’s miscarriage, alleging the deceased of using the instruments of witchcraft to cause the mishaps on his family.

To accomplish his mission, Asogba, hit the victim with an iron rod on the neck, leading to her death. Family members who took the death in good fate, oblivious that it was man-made, went ahead to bury the corpse, shortly after which, inhabitants of the community, who saw Asogba in the late woman’s house, suspected a foul play at such a coincidence, wondering the suddenness in her death after the suspect’s visit and departure.

According to reports, the residents were said to have insisted on ensuring that they fished out the killer through traditional ritual means.

The assailant who got hold of the knowledge of the planned ritual, coupled with his belief in its efficacy and the aftermath effect, openly confessed to the heinous crime, a development that shocked two of the deceased children, who had to lodge a complaint at Ipokia police division.

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