Man Pays 1 Year School Fees For Street Kids Who Begged Him For Breakfast

man pays 1 year school fees for street kids who begged him for breakfast

A Kenya man called Mithamo Muchiri has melted hearts on social media after he decided to fund the education of two kids who approached his table to beg for food while at the restaurant. 

He shared his encounter with the boys on Facebook and this has won several fans for his kind gesture by writing;

“A discussion ensued as we enjoyed tea with mandazi. That’s when I noted both street boys do not have parents,” he wrote.

Interested in understanding why they were living in the streets, Mithamo learned that they both had grandmothers who lived in Kīawara, a slum Estate in Nyeri county. The two boys also said they would like to go back to school and Mithamo did not even think twice about it.

” So I drove them to their grandmothers where we agreed to take the boys to school,” he said.. “Thereafter to the sub-chief who committed to take them to school on Monday, January 1, morning,” he added.

The man who is said to be a politician did not just leave it at that, he provided the uniforms and full fees for the two boys for one year.

His actions were lauded by internet users who likened him to an angel living among human beings.

Victor Kirui wrote: “That’s the heart of a concerned Kenyan, thank you and God will bless you and your family lineage.”

Dorothy Runji wrote: “If we can have 100 such hearts, Kenya we would be far. Thank you so much, Mithamo, may you never lack in Jesus name.”

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