Man says sacking old players from the Blackstars is the reason for their poor performance

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The Ghana National Team is not what it used to be in terms of performance. Some 8 years ago, when the Blackstars play, it’s either they win or draw.

And even at times when they lose, it’ll be with a small margin.

But in recent times, their performance has taken a nose-dive. They are either whipped by their opponents or they win by very little margin.

An example is today’s game against Mali, they were discipline with 3 solid goals to nil.

The major question that remains is, we have a couple of players in there who play at major leagues so why do our boys not perform?

A facebook user, Martin Sedem , has shared his opinion on why he thinks the performance of the Blackstars has dwindled drastically.

Martin wrote on his wall that he believes the problem of the Blackstars is because of how they sack veteran players all of a sudden.

He believes these veterans need to be around to lecture the new ones on how the National Team works so that the new players can toe the same lines.

But sacking old players and bringing new ones with thoughts that they’ll perform well is a bad idea and that’ll cost us a lot.

In his words, he wrote:

“To build a New team, you have to build the team Around the old players, you can’t totally take off old players like that, and thinking the team will work out magic. In reference to Germany team, you can see the old players in there, just for the New players to settle in well and adapt and play as a group. Mali has a couple of old folks in there helping the young ones. Those new kids are not hungry enough to play for the black Stars,. This isn’t time for try and error in the black stars team Efo Ck do something.”

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