Man Slaughter his friend over argument surrounding ingredients to prepare soup.

A farmer in Ondo state, Nigeria,Benedict Ochin (27) has been Remanded to Prison Custody for behaeding his friend identified to be Ekoh.

Benedict pleaded guilty to the violent act at a magistrate court in the state but insists Ekoh provoked him by putting a leaf he knew he don’t like into a soup they were making together, something that Generated a heated argument between them and led to his actions.

‘”I killed my friend, Ekon because he provoked me. We were cooking soup and he went to pluck a leaf he knew would upset my stomach and put it inside the soup”. He said

The defendant reportedly told investigators that he used to have stomach upset anytime he consumed the leaf. and after the argument generated between them, they both went for their cutlasses and began to fight. An action that sustained both in multiple injuries before he was able to smash the head of his friend.

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