Man Who Killed His Girlfriend 20 Years Ago Says Her Spirit Has Been Haunting Him Leading Him To Confess

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A South African man has been hauled to prison for life after he himself confessed to killing his girlfriend twenty years ago.

Apparently, the spirit of the lady has been making him restless leading to his confession and subsequent punishment. The report says the man, Collins Lucky Maduane- now 52 was 31 years old when he strangled Florah Mahlo, 25 to death at his Soshanguve home.

In the year 2000, while Maduane was detained in Bavianspoort Maximum Prison serving a 12-year sentence for attempted murder in another case, he was haunted by Mahlo’s spirit. He then called his sister and confessed, said National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) spokesperson Lumka Mahanjana.

He told prosecutors how he dragged the body of his late girlfriend and set it ablaze on that fateful day.

“The following day, he went to where he burnt the body and discovered that it was not completely burnt. He then decided to chop the body into two halves. He chopped the bottom part and threw it in the nearby drain. He then buried the remaining parts,” said Mahanjana.

“The court believed that Maduane was indeed haunted by the spirit of the deceased because he had successfully evaded justice for years,” said Mahanjana.

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