Mark Angel was almost beaten while trying to shoot a comedy skit during #EndSARS protest

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Nigerian comic star, Mark Angel was nearly lynched by boys in Port-Harcourt while he was trying to shoot a comedy video during #EndSARS protest.

As seen in the video, he was doing his best to calm tensions and explain himself but the boys refused to give him listening ear.

“Ein go dey do comedy…we go use you do comedy today”, one of the boys was heard screaming. “Leave am, leave am, don’t do, don’t do”, another was also heard pleading on his behalf.

With the ongoing #EndSARS protest in Nigeria, most popular social media comic stars have halted their normal duties.

Others are also being creative by using their pieces to educate the masses. But if you’re going about doing comedy at these abnormal times, you’re likely to incur the wrath of Naija people.

Watch the video below:

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