Marvel Announces Legendary Villain For “Ant-Man 3”


Marvel Announces Legendary Villain For “Ant-Man 3”

Marvel has been looking to expand its Cinematic Universe to include as many heroes and villains as possible, Over the last decade. While hardcore comic book fans have been critical of some of Marvel’s editorial choices, there is no denying that the company has sought to be as inclusive as possible with all of their decisions. Even heroes like Ant-Man have gotten their own films, with a third on the way.

In fact, Marvel has already started casting for Ant-Man 3, and recently, it was revealed that Jonathan Majors would be cast to play the legendary villain Kang The Conquerer. Kang is a popular villain in the Marvel universe as he boasts the ability to hop through time. This makes him incredibly dangerous, however, there are plenty of ways he can be used since there are multiple versions of him through the various time periods he has gone to.

Of course, since the movie has yet to be released, there is no telling just yet as to how Kang will be represented in the film. Regardless, this is a prospect that has understandably piqued the interest of die-hard Marvel fans.

As for the release date of the film, for now, it is believed to be dropping in 2022.


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