Medikal dashes Criss Waddle an Iphone 12 Pro & GHC5,000 for credit

Medikal has dashed his AMG Business Boss Criss Waddle the latest iPhone in town and a sum of GHC5,000 for credit.

In the video shared on Snapchat, Criss was expressing how grateful he is for the kind gesture.

Watch the video below:

Just recently, Medikal expressed how grateful he is to Criss Waddle for changing his life for the better.

In his latest show of gratitude, Medikal took to Twitter to tell the CEO of the record label he is signed onto, AMG Business that he is very proud of him.

In Medikal’s tweet, he wrote: “Who I am, what I have, what I’m yet to acquire, all be Waddle”

See the tweet below:

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