“Medikal is about to do wonders in the music industry and no artiste can stand him’ – Shatta Wale

The relationship and camaraderie that has gained much grounds between rapper Medikal and Shatta Wale is beginning to go a notch higher as the latter showers praise on the former.

Both musicians are seen to be getting along with a lot of vibes which is actually nice on social media especially when many perceive Shatta Wale to be cold towards people who get along with him.Annotation 2020 07 15 132230


After driving as a delivery guy to go deliver some cedi notes to the AMG signee, Shatta Wale has taken to Twitter to pinpoint how glamorous and promising the future looks for Medikal.

According to Shatta Wale, what Medikal is yet to unleash onto the music scene in Ghana will be too great for any artiste to stand him; simply unmatchable.

What @AmgMedikal is about to do to this industry I wonder if the hospitals will get space for these artiste .. #GreatStar #AMG shine on my g !!!!
Annotation 2020 07 15 132149

Many critics of Shatta Wale have criticized his inability to keep friends and loved ones for long. They cite several examples to back their belief that the SM President has some tendencies that dispel people away from him.

How his relationship with Shatta Michy came crushing down, how Pope Skinny and Ara B left in pain and how the militants were booted out of their base give many the conviction that Medikal will suffer the same fate.

However, as we have it now, we can clearly see Medikal and Shatta Wale and describe them as the best of friends as far as the Ghana music industry is concerned.

Whatever could have brought them this close and compact should definitely be beyond simply collaborating on a song or one gracing the marriage ceremony of the other…it is absolutely something big.Annotation 2020 07 15 131123


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