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Meet Bra Obofour,The Only Ghanaian Musician Who Wear Pampers To Perform.

Welcome To 21st Century Where Nothing Seems to be Impossible .
Therefore You shouldn’t Be surprise to see Any Misleading and Sane Act of Your neighbor.
As the Title of this Article Goes.
Meet Bra Obofour,The Only Ghanaian Musician Who Claimed To Be Having Numerous Fans Than Shatta Wale.
Recently, Ghanaian Youth Are Really Depressed For Fame by so doing, they can involve Any “Stupid” act To gain Popularity.
Right Here Is the NGU President,Bra Bofour Who is An Actor and Musician.
People really Know him to be A Good Actor.
In case You don’t know he sings too,then he does.
But one Thing About him which has raised Eyebrows Is His Stage Appearance.
Usually,He Wears Only Under wears On Stage..
But we can’t really tell if that isn’t enough as he has Finally Switched to “Pampers”.
“What the fvck?” Dont Be Astonished as ive already let you know not to be surprised in this 21st Century Youths.
Watch Some Of His Images And Videos Below



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