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MEN: How to kiss sex partner



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Kissing is seen to be the ‘one in the million’. Your sex partner feels it when you make it interesting like the quil and parchment. It helps ladies reach their orgasms paving the verge for a ready sexual intercourse.

Here are tips you need to know:

1. A slight breath. Remember to take a slight breathe while kissing. This makes you feel relaxed and comfortable helping you to kiss for a long range. It has to be done through your anose so that you won’t have to stop your kiss to get some air.

2. Take a brush before kissing: No one likes to kiss someone with bad breath. Regular brushing of teeth will help you maintain a fresh breath, this will help provide essential feeling for the kiss.

3.Use your hands while kissing. Kissing is not just about your mouth and tongue. It’s a romantic gesture enjoyed by your whole body. Use your hands round and hold your partner to also improve your overall Kissing technique.

4.Focus on your Feelings while kissing. kissing for the first time can be boring but you need to take your time and focus on sensory pleasure. In no time, you’ll be a pro.

5.Take a break if you need a breather, if you need a change in kiss, try giving your partner some different types of kisses, like for example kisses on the neck and collarbone.

6. Try licking: Not to all ladies, but almost 70% of them like to be licked. This makes them prepared and ever ready for a long sex.

Bohyɛba Nana Yaw called by the name Boateng Philip is a graduated journalist from the Multimedia Institute of Ghana placing speed above accuracy in all forms of publications. Hitting target, we need you to share on all e-platforms to get everyone updated. He can be reached on Whatsapp: 0547484461 Facebook: Gye Nyame Sastro Contact: 0593716121/0593716187


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