Metro Mass Bus Driver in trouble after hitting Hon. Kennedy Agyapong’s Expensive Escalade car In Traffic

Kennedy Agyapong Escalade 1024x536A Metro Mass Bus Driver is in serious trouble after hitting Hon. Kennedy Agyapong’s expensive Escalade vehicle in traffic.

According to photos and audio made by an eye-witness, the Metro Mass driver scratched an Escalade car near a tollbooth in Accra (precise location unknown) and he sped away.

The Escalade car hot chased the Metro Mass Bus and caught up with it. When the driver of the luxurious vehicle confronted the bus driver on why he didn’t bother to stop after scratching his car, the Metro Mass driver instead of apologizing resorted to throwing blows.

Unbeknownst to him, Kennedy Agyapong was the owner of the Escalade car and he was sitting at the back seat.

The law-maker stepped out of the car and removed his nose masks, thus revealing his identity. The Metro Mass driver knowing he’s in serious trouble for scratching the car of the ‘Lion’ himself started kneeling and begging but Ken Agyapong won’t take his apology.

According to the eye-witness, the MP for Assin-Central constituency vowed that he’ll make sure the Metro Mass driver loses his job for his recklessness.

The bus which was filled with market women had them begging Ken Agyapong to forgive and forget but he won’t listen to their plea.


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