Military man lashes young man in town for not wearing nose mask

Photogrid Plus 1595661710088A viral video online captures the moment a military man was beating a young man in town. It can’t be told what warranted the beatings.

What We gathered is that the guy was whipped by the soldier for not wearing nose masks.

The young man instead of wearing a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved nose masks only used a handkerchief to cover his nose and the military personnel after getting hold of him decided to teach him a lesson.

Political activists, Kwame A Plus sharing the video on his Instagram page called on the Government to make sure they put an end to the abuse of power by some Military men.

He noted that if Ghana Government can join #BlackLivesMatter which does no directly affect the country, then, they should also do well to address pressing issues as this one.

A Plus wrote:

‘In Ghana it is not just police brutality oooo. Military brutality is also part. President @nakufoaddo thank you for supporting blacks in America. Can you please do something about what is happening in your country to your own people too?”

Watch the video below:

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