Muntanka Mubarak explains why he let his daughter thumbprint his ballot.

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Member of parliament for Asasewa, Muntaka Mubarak defends his decision to allow his 6 year old daughter thumbprint his ballot.

Speaking to the Media after his actions, the MP explained his daughter will surely vote some day to come therefore needed to be taken through the process involved because as at now she doesn’t understand what’s going on.

“If you see her, she is only six years old, she don’t even understand what is happening. I raised her thumb and did the thumb printing. It wttas virtually me doing it. She is my princess and l came with her during the last elections. I’m just taking her through process”. Muntakaexplained

As we reported earlier, the MP sparked controversy among Ghanaians after taking his daughter to the election center, raise her up and use her thumb to vote for his preferred candidate.

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