Must Watch: Lady explains how she uses sperms to fight COVID-19


A lady has mentioned the fitness blessings of consuming sperms. Says she beverages it to fight covid-19.

A girl from vice media has explained the cause why she takes sperms. She said that she takes it to defend her pores and skin and also facilitates combat against the covid-19.

She said her adventure to taking sperm began while she looked into the health benefit of it. She said that she has been stricken by rosacea, which is a touchy skin trouble.

Ever because she started out taking sperm, the rosacea has been added beneath manipulate.

The stunning female on why sperm fights covid-19, she started out through list the vitamins in it;

Every teaspoon includes:

Two hundred proteins
Several vitamins and minerals
Nutrition c
Citric acid
Lactic acid
That to her are the things wished as a minor defence towards bloodless and flu-like symptoms in addition to infection and ailment like the covid-19.

You need to observe the designated video beneath:

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