My Bhim Nation Tattoo Is No More – Kelvyn Boy Reveals Why He Doesn’t Have Bhim Nation Tattoo Anymore(+Video)

Kelvyn Bhim Tat 22

Afrobeat singer and former Bhim Nation singer, Kelvyn Boy has revealed why he doesn’t have the Bhim Nation tattoo anymore.

If we recall, the singer during his days at Bhim Nation, got a Bhim Nation tattoo on his arm signifying his love for the record label.

But in a recent interview Kelvyn Boy has revealed he doesn’t have that tattoo anymore when he was asked about it and also went ahead to reveal why it was so.

His reason for not having it again was because he realized it was not necessary anymore because doing things for the eyes of people will not make them appreciate so the love will rather be in his heart and continue to sing for the music to go.

Video below;

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