“My husband is very lucky to have me as a wife because I am a very nice person” – Fella Makafui

Mrs Precioous Frimpong, who until recently was simply known as Fella Makafui, has expressed gladness at the fact that his husband, Medikal, is lucky to have her as his wife.

According to the actress and entrepreneur, Medikal was led by sheer luck to have her as a wife since she has a very pleasant personality that everyone will love.

In a tweet, Fella Makafui wrote:

I’m actually a nice person !! my husband is soo lucky.

Her tweet was accompanied by emojis to express her inner joy and satisfaction.

Fella Makafui got married to Medikal in a traditional ceremony which was not devoid of controversies although it was glamorous and honoured by artistes like Shatta Wale and Criss Waddle.

Per the schedule of the couple, they are planning to hold a white wedding ceremony to seal their marriage as soon as COVID-19 and all the restrictions it came with are over.

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