My Security personnel can’t find his name – John Mahama Laments

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Presidential candidate for NDC, John Dramani Mahama reveals to the public about challenges he is facing with the Electoral Commission as his security personnel can’t find his name to vote.

The Ex president was engaged in a brief interview with the Media after casting his vote at Bole in the northern region. He reveals there is a low turnout at the poling station which is normal to him.

Asked about his assessment at the polling station so far, JM claims there were people who registered at the same place with him but can’t trace their names upon reaching the election ground.

He answered “It’s too early to make an assessment but there’s a lady at this polling station here, she got her cards here but her name is not on the list. One of my security personnel, l registered here with him and during the exhibition, we checked and his name was there but we got here today an his name is not there.

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