Nana Aba Anamoah takes 2 street hawkers on a lunch date; promises to send one back to school

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Three Days today, 24th September 2020, TV presenter Nana Aba Anamoah met two streets hawkers in traffic. They begged for a selfie, and she didn’t decline.

The guys expressed their love for her — telling her how they loved her since they were kids. They praised her for her impeccable command over the English Language on TV.

There and then, Nana Aba invited them to her office at the studios of GH ONE TV which they granted today Friday, 25th September 2020.

Upon reaching, they had a hearty discussion where one of the hawkers called Commandä TuKay Teldem told her about how he wished to further his education and become a journalist one day but due to lack of financial support, he cut his education short at JHS level.

Nana Aba promised that so far as he’s passionate about school, she’ll do what is necessary by enrolling him.

The delectable TV host after the chats sent them on a lunch date where they enjoyed fufu.

The hawkers remarked that this morning all they took was water and buffloaf. So life on the streets isn’t easy but they’re grateful that inspite of how dirty they are, Nana Aba as humble she is engaged them.

Watch the emotional video below:

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