Nana Ama McBrown joins Lil Win to beg Adebayor to forgive Funny Face (VIDEO)

Ykgk9kqturbxy80owuwodc0yzvmmjfmoge4ogqxodq5nwe5njllnza5yy5qcgvnkzmfzqmuzqg8gaewaqAccording to him, the Togolese footballer who is his bosom generous friend unfollowed him on the photo-sharing app because he disregarded his advice to stop posting about his private life and feuds on social media.

Funny Face, who clashed with Lil Win on Nana Ama McBrown’s UTV show yesterday but later reconciled, asked Adebayor again to forgive him and his colleague actors joined him to beg the footballer.

Adding comedy to it, Lil Win even spoke to Adebayor in the Queen’s Language in a manner that cracked ribs of fans who watched the show. “take him [Funny Face] back and follow him on social media once again,” he said.


Watch the video below for more.


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